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We are seeking for outside contributors who have insight into Wall Street and the stock market. The timely market commentary should be investment insight on markets and publicly traded companies, large and small. This a great platform for financial experts to weigh in on the big issues affecting the stock market and economy. It’s a terrific way to get your name and opinions out there on one of the leading financial news networks on the Web.

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An “Outside Contributor” is someone who submits content to one or more of
StockMarketVideo.com’s general investment publications, sites, and/or to StockMarketVideo.com’s
investment newsletters (“Products”), but are not employees of StockMarketVideo.com.

StockMarketVideo.com seeks to uphold the highest possible professional and ethical
standards of journalism as a leader in financial reporting and expects
that all Outside Contributors will seek to do so as well. An Outside
Contributor should not undertake any activity that could possibly leave
them or StockMarketVideo.com open to an allegation of their having used their position
or writings for personal profit or for market manipulation.

Outside Contributors may hold and control any position in any type of investment.
However, any time an Outside Contributor submits an article for publication in one
of StockMarketVideo.com’s Products that mentions a particular security or mutual fund, the
Outside Contributor must disclose to StockMarketVideo.com any positions in such security or
mutual fund, held or controlled by the Outside Contributor on his or her own behalf,
on behalf of a client, on behalf of a fund of any type or on behalf of a family
member. The Outside Contributor must also identify whether such position is long,
short, or neutral.

Each Outside Contributor will disclose to StockMarketVideo.com any employment arrangements,
affiliations or similar relationships of the Outside Contributor with subjects
mentioned in articles that may create a conflict of interest or the appearance of
a conflict of interest. If an Outside Contributor is employed by a brokerage or
investment bank, the Outside Contributor will disclose any investment banking
relationship his or her firm has with the companies mentioned in his or her articles
and any analyst rating the firm has on securities discussed in an article.

Subject to the discretion of StockMarketVideo.com editors, each article by an Outside Contributor
will include a disclosure concerning (i) the nature of the Contributor's regular or
past employment, (ii) positions in publicly-traded companies or mutual funds as
described above, or (iii) any relationships that may create a conflict of interest or
appearance of a conflict of interest as discussed above; and anything else the StockMarketVideo.com editors deem material for readers.

To protect both StockMarketVideo.com and an Outside Contributor from violating the provisions of the
Investment Advisers Act, which prohibits investment advisers that are exempt from Advisers
Act registration from “holding themselves out” as investment advisers, any Outside
Contributor who manages money for others, and who is not registered under the Advisers Act,
may not accept any potential investment advisory client that comes to them as a result of
their activities as a Outside Contributor to any publication by StockMarketVideo.com. Furthermore,
StockMarketVideo.com is not registered as an investment adviser under the Advisers Act and relies on
the “publisher’s exemption.” Publishers of newspapers or financial publications are
excluded from the Advisers Act if the publication (1) provides only impersonal advice
(i.e. not tailored to the individual needs of a specific client), (2) contains disinterested
commentary and analysis rather than promotional material touting particular securities,
and (3) is of general and regular circulation (rather than issued from time to time in response
to episodic market activity). In order to avoid becoming subject to the Advisers Act, an
Outside Contributor should ensure that its articles, communications and advice fall within
these guidelines.

I acknowledge that I have read and understand and agree to comply with the Statement of
Policies on Trading in Securities by Outside Contributors and other Securities Law Matters
of StockMarketVideo.com.

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