The Nasdaq allows traders and stock brokers to trade in stock and other securities.  Securities traded on the Nasdaq are shares, bonds, unit trusts and derivatives. It is the largest electronic trading market. It is a virtual exchange where investors trading stocks can buy and sell over a computer network. There are approximately 3600 companies listed on the exchange. In comparison with other Stock exchanges in the US, the Nasdaq trades more shares per day and lists more companies. It is owned by the NASDAQ OMX Group, which also owns seven European stock exchanges in the Nordic and Baltic regions.

Then Nasdaq Omx Group was formed in 2007 when it bought out the Swedish-Finnish financial company, which was in control of 7 Nordic and Baltic stock exchanges known as OMX. When it first started operations, it did not connect buyers and sellers, but merely acted as a computer bulletin board. As time went on, it added an automated trading system that allowed it to report on trade and volumes. This made it become more of stock market. It allows traders to stock pick and with the amount of data that is readily available on different companies, technical analysts can forecast movements with ease.

Technical analysis of the stock market today allows analysts to follow trends in the market. The information on historical volumes and of the market is primarily used when looking to predict market direction. This analysis can also be used when stock picking on the Nasdaq. There is a great deal of information provided on the stock exchange for stock brokers and traders. To buy or sell stocks on the market, you need to have a broker who will execute your trade. There are a number of different brokers available, so when choosing one, you must make sure that they have access to the Nasdaq. It is important to make sure that your broker is using an Electronic Communications Network that will allow for quick execution of trades.

This is important because the market is fast moving and any delays in getting your order executed could cause you lose or reduce your chances of making a profit. Trading on the Nasdaq will give you access to many great stock picks in different sectors. The Nasdaq is home to IT, Pharmaceutical, construction, and many other industries.