Many people who get involved in stock market trading are just normal everyday people. This has been made possible by advances in technology. It is now easy to make your own stock picks and execute the order to buy or sell through an online broker. There are many books which one can learn from in order to trade effectively in the stock market today. Understanding how to read stock charts and perform technical analysis will greatly improve your stock picking skills. With thousands of companies listed on the stock market, making the right choices can be very challenging.

Make sure that your broker is competent and is able to carry out your trades in a timely manner. This is important in order to get you the best price for your stock. The broker will either route your trade through to an ECN, or may be using his or her own. Depending on what kind of broker you use, full service or discount, you may not get any stock tips or advice. It is crucial that you then familiarize yourself with the different kinds of stock orders and what they mean.

The simplest and quickest of these is the “market order”. If you give your broker a market order for a stock, he will buy or sell it immediately at whatever its current price is. If you give a “Limit order”, your broker will buy or sell the stock at a specific price only. If the price specified cannot be obtained, then the stock will not be bought or sold.

Another stock order that is used in stock market trading is the “stop order “, which will automatically sell or buy a stock when it hits a specific price. This can be useful if a stock starts to decline and you want to limit your losses. It is important to note that when the system reaches the stop order price, it will place a market order to sell the stock immediately. This means you will get whatever the current going price is, and there may be slight variance between the stop price and actual price.

Other things to learn before getting involved with stock market trading would be chart analysis; this will help you in better predicting where a stock’s price may change direction. The most effective charts would use candlestick patterns, which provide an excellent visual representation of how the stock is trending. Candlestick charts are also easy to read and interpret.