During a recession, an economy shrinks, jobless claims increase, the housing market falls, and everything seems to be declining. Investors who are trading stocks in the stock market will also start to become pessimistic and start selling their stock picks. They may start looking at gold as a safe haven or as a hedge against the failing economy. While gold is traditionally seen as a safe haven, stock investing in certain equities can be equally as good as investing in gold and should not be ignored because they tend to outperform other asset classes. During a recession, people tend to spend less on items such as tech gadgets and other non essential products.

Instead, they turn to spending on food products, with many stocking up on supplies out of fear that the situation will worsen. Stock investing in companies who deal in the food industry and utilities could be advantageous, as they will see more profits at this time. During a recession, the market will be bearish, and stock picking any companies at this time will require that you do thorough research to avoid overpaying for a stock. You should aim to buy shares in companies that are trading below the tangible book values.

If the company you are looking at is continuously reporting negative news about its business, then you should avoid buying shares in it. Wait until the bad economic data from the company stops and the share price reaches the bottom before jumping in. You can perform technical analysis on the stock to identify where a trend will reverse. Then once you see bulls stepping in to the stock and taking control of it from the bears, you can take a position in it. Stock investing using swing trading techniques can be beneficial for you, especially if you are a beginner at investing.

When stock investing in the stock market today, you should always aim to have your portfolio well diversified. If you are heavily invested in tech stocks or hold more in one particular sector, you put yourself at risk of losing should that sector under perform. By holding stocks in different sectors, you are not dependent on one area performing well. Buying stocks in a bear market carries more risk than under normal conditions, but if you take the time to do more in depth research into the companies whose shares you want to buy, you will reduce the risk and can still profit.