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It’s time to get serious

You often read marketers promoting trading as the ultimate lifestyle decision; “Just sit back and relax, spend a couple minutes a day and before long you’ll have millions coming in”. If you have this mind-set then please exit our website, our products are not for you.

At Market Analyst we fully believe that trading can be a fantastic way to work and also provide a great flexible lifestyle; but trading is hard work, it takes study, discipline and experience. If you are willing to do the work, the rewards will be waiting. Remember that you can not have the salary of a top surgeon if you are unwilling to put in the effort that the surgeon did to achieve their position.

The successful traders are those who build on their capital little by little. Sure we all hear stories of the trader who just guessed what to trade and made a bundle on a single trade, but they are like the lottery winners; occasionally one wins but by far the majority lose.

We cannot stress this enough – we want our clients to be successful, and that only comes when they are realistic about their goals, they create a good trading strategy and then they follow it.

Market Analyst has been designed to give a Private Trader all that they need to be able to create a strategy from complex technical analysis, to test the strategy so that they have the confidence to follow it, and then to search for new opportunities. Try It Now!


Having the charts that you need and the ability to control them is critical. Market Analyst has a wide variety of charts available, from Bars and Candles to Swing and Point & Figure, even 3D charts are available.


Often seen as the hub of analysis the Watchlist in Market Analyst allow you to keep track of securities that you are watching, or possibly have a position in. From the Watchlist you can drag codes to charts and even drag codes between multiple Watchlists.

Sector Maps

When you are searching for the “shooting star” in a market of thousands of stocks, you need the Market Analyst 3D Sector Map. The Sector Map allows you to view the whole market as a surface and then identify any stocks that may be worthy of a closer inspection.


Multiple monitors make such a big difference to productivity with the ability to perform detailed analysis on one screen while glancing to keep an eye on the position of current trades. Market Analyst fully supports Multi-Monitors by allowing you to drag charts between monitors and store all the charts on all the screens in a single workbook.

Technical Analysis

A program like Market Analyst is only ever as good as the Technical Analysis that is available. Market Analyst comes with a wide variety of built-in Technical Analysis, a growing array of optional add-on modules and, coming soon, a developer program that will allow developers to further extend the capabilities of Market Analyst.

Managing Analysis

Market Analyst provides some unique ways that you can manage the analysis that has been applied to the charts. Some of these features, like Layers and Transparency, have never been seen in a Technical Analysis package before and they can make a huge difference in the way you work.

Strategy Testing

The confidence to follow a Technical Analysis strategy can only be acquired after rigorous testing and experience. Market Analyst helps you test your strategies and create detailed reports outlining the month by month performance of the strategy.

Tool Store

Market Analyst will soon be releasing the Market Analyst Tool Store where you can browse, learn about and purchase extra tool modules that can be included into your copy of Market Analyst. With a growing army of Market Analyst Tool Developers, there will be more and more modules made available in the future.


Market Analyst is able to accept data from a wide variety of data sources in both Real-Time and End of Day. Every current copy of Market Analyst comes with an integrated end-of-day data service which is fully automated.


Market Analyst has always provided a level of support that is unequalled in the software industry. Requests for support are usually responded to within minutes (when our support centres are open), and with more support centres opening up throughout 2011 and 2012, we are sure to have someone available anytime that you are using Market Analyst.

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