There are many investors trading stocks in the stock market today. It is the more common way for them to invest their capital and see it grow. There are many other areas in which investors can invest, such as the commodity markets, currencies, funds or options and futures. Whichever way they choose to invest, they all have to do research on the market. For that they need to use some kind of chart, whether it is stock charts or commodity charts. These are important because it allows the investor to see how the markets or stock picks are moving.

There are various formats that a chart can display its information in, with detailed charts being favored more among analysts. In the commodities market where trading is done mainly through forward or futures contract. It is important to have commodity charts to perform technical analysis. Through careful chart analysis, the investor will be able to look for patterns in how a particular commodity has traded in price and volume in the past. Some items on the commodities market may have times during the year when the demand and supply changes due to any number of reasons. It is important to be able to see how the market and prices move during these times.

An investor entering into a forward contract will agree on a forward price today to take delivery in the future of an agreed upon quantity of a commodity. Because the investor agrees to a fixed price today, he will have forecasted that the price in the future may be higher than now. So in anticipation of this, pays a fee to ensure that he gets the goods at an agreed price. Using commodity charts will allow the investor to spot patterns in price movements and volumes, giving him the chance to increase his profits. The same as an investor trading in the stock market will try to forecast which direction the market or stock pick will move, investing in commodities will have similarities.

The commodities market has four main categories; agricultural products, livestock and meat, energy and metals. When trading commodities in agricultural or livestock, there is an agreed upon standard whereby you can trade without having to worry if the products are deficient in any way. There are standards that are applied for the different categories to safe guard the interests of the investor.