Just like trading stocks, you need to forecast which direction you expect the price to move. To forecast the prices, you need to look at past data from a gold price chart. Reading a gold chart is similar to reading stock charts, and you must know how to do chart analysis to benefit from the information given. By using technical analysis and trend lines, you can increase your forecasting abilities. If you are considering mining companies as your stock picks, then these charts will help you with trading stocks as well.

There are different ways that information on a gold price chart can be displayed. The one that most analysts consider to be more superior are the candlestick patterns. The information that they provide is easy to read and interpret. It allows you to see in good detail how the market or stock performs. By looking at the combination of patterns, an analyst is able to predict where a trend may have a reversal. Through the different arrangements of the candles, the best entry or exit points can be pin pointed, allowing you to buy or sell while maximizing your profits in GETFs on the stock market.

Investors behave in a predictable manner, and so when looking at past data, you can see what signals are similar in current situations.  A gold price chart will show distinct patterns that can indicate certain events. For example, if you see what is known a as a “bullish engulfing” pattern, it could indicate that the bulls have taken control of the price movement from the bears. This pattern will normally appear after there has been a downward trend, and suggests that the bottom of the decline has been reached. Before you move in, you should wait a few days to see how the movement of the price develops and determine whether you should buy it or not.

Trend lines can be used on your gold price chart to show the support and resistance in any time frame. Depending on how you intend to trade in your gold stocks will determine which kind of charts you use. If you are going to be investing for a very short time, like a minute, then you need a chart based on a price interval period of a minute. If the investment is for a week, then a chart based on a price interval period of a week will be used.