Crude oil prices slid once again in Asian marketplaces today and traders are left baffled as oil prices continue to be unpredictable as ever. The newest dip comes right after the UK Brexit referendum being held in London.

Regarding to the Wall Street Journal, in a study by YouGov the “leave” campaign is leading having 44% votes compared to the “remain campaign.” Generally there is a referendum heading on in Greater London as to no matter if UK should stay in the European Union or not. If the latter happens and the UK parts away from the EU, possibilities are that the Pound might depreciate and the US dollar would appreciate. The US dollar and the items tend to have an inverse regards; hence, a more powerful dollar would mean lower primitive oil prices.Throughout Asian trading on Tuesday, the US benchmark for primitive oil, West Texas More advanced was 1.94% down at $48.41 per barrel, whilst the worldwide standard for primitive oil, Brent Crude was 1.99% down at $49.64 per barrel.

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Oil & gas organizations would be expecting that the UK keeps its place in the EU. The current rally of crude oil prices has given these types of companies a glimmer of hope, that won’t live lengthy if the UK makes a decision to leave.As reported by the WSJ, Commerzbank experts said concerning the issue: “There is most likely too much confidence regarding the outcome of the Brexit referendum at present-recent days possess shown just how rapidly public judgment can shift.” They further added: “Towards this backdrop today’s oil cost losses make sense.”Increases in oil prices were mainly motivated by provide failures. The wild fire in North america saw around one thousand drums of everyday oil manufacturing getting eliminated from the market. Meanwhile the enemy actions led by the team, Niger Delta Avengers, have made lifestyles unpleasant for the international oil companies working in Nigeria.

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There have been reviews that the Canada wild fire scenario is under management, but the down sides in Nigeria still stay and the Govt is trying to achieve an contract with the terrorists. While some reviews recommend that ceasefire has taken place between the government and rebels.We, however, consider that oil costs throughout, will remain in between $35-45 per barrel. With Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and deterioration desire from China, the product is anticipated to stay at low levels. The US inventory info is also set to be published today; previous week, the stocks fell by 1.5 million barrels as well as it would be fascinating to see what the most recent level is. The United States Oil Fund LP (USO) was 0.84% lower at $11.81 although the United States Brent Oil Fund, LP (BNO) was down 0.51% at $15.18.