June is here, and with it comes the summer! There is no better time to put forward some of your money to work in the stock market. The following selection features three of the best stocks to invest in June and the reasons as to why they’ll be successful ! So, here are the BEST STOCKS TO BUY in June 2016:

Analysts suggest that now is a great time for investors to pick up shares of iRobot (IRBT) The home-robot maker is basking in the strength of its first-quarter report from late April, which caused shares of iRobot to jump 10% in a single day after both quarterly earnings and forward guidance came in well ahead of expectations. The company credits its high-end Roomba 980, as well as an “overwhelmingly positive response” to its new Braava jet floor-mopping robot. And that’s not to mention that the Braava jet won’t even arrive in China or Japan until the third quarter, where it will be able to capitalize on a key growth opportunity given its affordable price point and the predominance of hardwood-floor dwellings in the regions.

NXP Semiconductors (NPXI), is a one of the best stocks to buy. A manufacturer of a broad range of semiconductor products reported an 11% year-over-year decline in comparable revenue during the first quarter. However, the future for NXP looks a lot brighter than the present; the company’s has focused on the automotive semiconductor market following the merger. More than one-third of the company’s revenue is now derived from automotive products, and NXP is making a big push to be a critical supplier for the eventual self-driving car. In May, NXP announced BlueBox, an autonomous vehicle computing platform that the company claims will enable major advances by 2020. NXP also sells a wide variety of other products aimed at the automotive market, including radar chips and sensors.

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Expert Investors have set sights on Gilead Sciences (GILD) .Investors largely believe that the company won’t ever grow again, and the market has accordingly priced the stock for death. While it’s as clear as day that this company is facing some challenges right now, I think the pessimism is overdone and there’s reason to be optimistic from here. The market is overlooking the potential of Gilead’s next-generation hepatitis C drug, which is currently under regulatory review. If the FDA gives it the thumbs-up on its June 28 PDUFA date, then Gilead will have the first ever pan-genotype hepatitis C therapy on its hands.Gilead also has a lot of interesting things going on in its core HIV portfolio. It recently won approval for a new formulation that poses less of a risk to patient’s kidneys than a previous version did. Gilead has plans to expand that new formulation into its other HIV therapies as well, which should keep its antiviral sales heading in the right direction.

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In the meantime, the company is repurchasing its shares at a furious pace, buying back $8 billion worth just last quarter. The board also authorized another $12 billion worth of repurchases, so the company’s share count should continue to rapidly decline. It doesn’t hurt that the dividend yield is above 2%.