Splunk Inc (SPLK) is a mega corporation that has its headquarters San Francisco, California. When it was founded, the company had one goal to provide a platform where one can invent a new vision. Additionally, they have data machine that is available, can be used and helpful to everybody. Their database system is encompassing all elements developing IT.

It implies that infrastructures, the web or mobile applications, Mobile phone GPRS, sensors, website click streams and social data. Mostly Splunk Company concentrates on providing database challenges and maximizing the use of data devices. It is providing a forum where developers can create applications for the next generations.

Splunk Company started its international delivery of products in 2006. It is where they started shipping different software to their clients. It is a Company that deals and provides both its services and products to over 10,000 customers. It has customers from 110 countries worldwide. Furthermore, the company has more than 1,600 employees both local and globally.

Its customers are mostly other corporations who are using their prowess data machines to control their data or IT operations. Additionally, their clients require software for infrastructure management, Cybersecurity, web intelligence and business analysis. Splunk Company insists their aim is innovation from technology to business.

Splunk is a young company trying to create its name in the virtual world of technology. Splunk stocks in last year increased almost by 50%. Its revenue is closely related to the investments of the company. Moreover, after the growth of their stocks, they were able to gain more than 500 new customers.

It is expected that come Thursday the company will announce their first quarter profit of the year.  It will dictate if people will buy more shares or not. When one is investing in shares of any company they will first weigh how the company has been performing and particularly the results of all quarters of the year.

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Exciting news from the company management is that they are targeting the revenue to be in between $116-$118 million. It is an equivalent of 36% growth from last year.  Splunk investors should be expecting to hear many new customers have joined the company. Additionally, they should be expecting that their shares will rise.

Splunk stocks mostly will be influenced by the new product they sold in March. The unveiling of Splunk light software was a success. It is because it is a tool a person can use to search and conduct the analysis. Moreover, the device does not require one to have experience with IT, and it is ideal for small business or startups.

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The company that does not have IT sections can use it by installing it on one of their servers. Additionally, its stocks were able to retreat as it does not rely on one product. The company does provide coding interfaces, software kits, maintenance of websites and other applications, customer support and consultancy services.  Besides you can get trained to use Softwares and cloud system. You will learn how to code through their online teaching programs.