Android is a robust application frame that permits one to create new application and games for mobile gadgets that are supported by Java. However, for one to build an application, you need to be familiar with Java programming and its language. Additionally, if you are new to Android, you need to learn the basics about Android.

Android is a mobile operating system owned by Google (GOOGL) . On the other hand, Oracle (ORCL) is a database that uses several coding language. It is inclusive of Java programming language. The case between Google and Oracle Inc starting in May 2010, moreover, presented their case, and the jury ruled in their favor.

However, they were not awarded all the money they were suggesting. The jury ruled that Google did not violate Oracle’s copyright. Additionally, both companies agreed that Google should pay a small amount of money for coping oracle’s code. In both parties, they settled on statutory damages.

Android has a menu for developers where they have some options to choose. However, for you to access this menu, you have to perform a secret handshake. When you are using this tool, you will be able to allow sorting out of USB and disable or enable animations. Furthermore, Android serves as a back-up to your phone or tablet.

However, Oracle took another step and presented their case in federal court. The federal jury ruled in their favor and reversed their case back to district court for another hearing. Despite the court of appeal acknowledging that Google breached Oracle copyright issues, they were denied a judicial court review certificate.

In this juncture, Oracle was expanding their battle of the ongoing copyright court case saying that Google was destroying Java market. Oracle had been persistence on this case ever since Google introduced six versions of Android that used Java. From 2010 till now they have been fighting for Google to pay them for damages.

They argued that the six versions had copied several lines of source codes from Java. They have the exact structure, series and organization of the forum. These six versions include Ginger head, Honeycomb, Ice Cream, Sandwich, Jelly Bean, Kit Kat and Lollipop. Additionally, that Google has expanded the use of smart phones to wireless TV.

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Moreover, they even have wireless cars and household devices. However, despite having huge profits and great innovations, they are not the original owners of the codes they are using. They termed the enormous benefits as lawful whether they are direct or indirect as they are not helping the system developers.

Supreme Court on June 29, 2015, denied them the certificate and announced that the second trial of their case will be on May 9th, 2016. In this particular issue, Oracle was demanding 8.8 billion US dollars for a violation.  However, today, the Supreme Court ruled for Google. The court ruled that it was a fair use of the program.

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It is unclear of what to expect next as we are unsure how much Oracle owners are planning for litigation. It is likely that Oracle CEO Larry Ellison will have a petition for the loss of 37 APIs used by Google for violation of copyright or the company attorneys’ may request the judge to overturn the ruling.