Analysts see brick future of the Twitter (TWTR) stock. Bonuses to advertisers through ROI and measurement double click integration and rewarding to log out subscribers’ enhancement features were too lately introduced.

Twitter share tumbles to $13.84 down 3.98% from its previous close in trading sessions. The prices were come down after Moffett Nattanson Downgrades Company’s rating from ‘Neutral’ to ‘Sell’. There are no positives for the company in the future to hold, said Analyst.

Research also shows that there is no innovation taken place during last few quarters as far as Twitter is concerned compare to rival companies like Facebook (FB) and Google (GOOGL). Rival companies have made many innovative changes and they are far more superior at this stage and their revenues are much higher than Twitter. Today Company has informed media that they are coming out with more features where users will be given more freedom of posting videos, photos and other media. Currently, it has limit of 140 characters.

Twitter is planning more moves by allowing users to Twit in desired manner and connection will take place more quickly now, said company spokesperson.  Company is offering new set of API Integrations, Embeddable widgets, Set of tools to developer now than ever before. Developer will be able to give customized option to any website and make it more enhanced with Twitter.

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Twitter Inc, a San Francisco based company which was founded in 2006 in which 68 fund houses have bought stakes and 184 fund houses have increased stake.  During the last quarter State Street Corp bought 317,209 shares making it total count of 9,367,582 and valued at $155,031,000 currently. Twitter also enjoys institutional ownership of 46.60%. In the fourth quarter Baillie Gifford & co., took increased position of 0.4% and expecting price to reach $32 in the coming quarters. Twitter’s MoPub is mobile focus application based advertising exchange platform, recently had made some news.

In addition to the current stakeholders Bain Capital Venture Investor Llc has also invested 10.21% in Twitter Inc., total of 717,155 shares. The company’s earnings per share were $0.15 compare to market experts of $10 per share. Although firm’s revenue were up 36.5% for the quarter compared to previous year but analysts are not convinced yet.  Volumes of share on Tuesday were higher about 9.1 million shares in the beginning of the traded compare to 22 million shares daily.

The stock price target is downgraded by 18% to $18 by James Cakmak.  As a user we see only incremental changes as compared to experience steep changes are needed, but it seems for turnaround time window is closing very quickly, said, James Cakmak. “Hope is not a strategy”, also replied Moffett Nathanson. Twitter stock has already taken deep dive to 40% lower year to date and S&P up 1.1%.

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Analysts have currently has given “Sell” advice for Twitter stock and grade of ‘C’. Rating may differ from company to company, suggested by The Street Ratings correspondent but we have made conclusion on previous 12 months data and not on any single day performance of the stock.