“We explored about 15 products and narrowed down on two products and on are virtual reality camera as we sees huge potential in this technology”, says, founder and CEO of 3-D imaging company Human Eyes Technology Shahar Bin-Nun.

Human Eyes has already started procuring orders for its new technology camera VUZE from 12th May of this year. According to company sources shipment can only be start in October. With cost of $799 camera comes with 3-D 360 degree view, a VR headset, and a mini tripod. It also comes with VUZE mobile app and VUZE studio to share and edit video contents.

“We were very concerned, when Google (GOOGL) and GoPro (GPRO) announced last year about making 360 degree camera.” Said Shahar Bin-nun. GoPro’s odyssey works on Google’s jump platform.

Look at the Israeli company’s VUZE, company has entered in to competition with Google’s Alphabets (GOOGL) and GoPro (GPRO).

Human Eyes Technology was founded in 2000 by Shahar Bin- Nun and has about 70 patents in areas like, photographic 3-D and worked with very familiar names like KODAK (KODK) and FUJIFILM.  Price and portability sets VUZE apart says Bin-Nun as Go Pro 16 camera comes at a price tag of $15000 and ships on the same day to member of the pilot program.

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It is a very hot market, we saw it boiling, its boiling even more now, says Shahar Bin-Nun. This was our first choice of the new product launching in current market also said, by CEO of Human Technologies.

The process of selling VUZE cameras in brick and mortar stores are under construction but question arises who and when will it begin? And who will sell them? Right now our 98% focus is set on VUZE camera, says the CEO. It seems that once this camera comes out in market, competition will increase as competitors will try to come out with improved version of existing camera or will come out with new products similar to this one. Google in its recent annual I/O developer conference has announced about introducing a building a Daydream, a VR platform which might be operated on app on android phones licensed by Google.

Companies recently started speaking about virtual reality and working on to make it in to actual reality from virtual reality. Market experts also predict next big bat could be VR (Virtual Reality) as this technology satisfies everyone’s dream in to reality.

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Only time will tell who will win the race and make it big in VR (virtual reality) market, though one thing is sure race well began is half done which is true for Human Eye Technologies who has come out with stunning camera with all the required features at very competitive price tag. This is also to be noted that newer technology needs newer products everyday and experimenting with newer ideas and research will make possible to get best technology out comes. Human race has reached a stage where technological advancement helps us to make life more livable.