Customers are getting all the information digitally because it is easy and convenient way.

Digital technology has created advantage of getting required information very quickly. As big business has already taking advantage of Google (GOOG), Twitter (TWTR), and Facebook (FB), like advertisement providers; it’s time for small business owner to tap the online presence to stay healthy in cut throat competition.

As 90% of the person search for their requirements online it is helpful to small business owners to get more audience for their service and products. According to David Brown CEO of, “Most small businesses need some form, and many needs many forms, of online presence in order to reach that population.”

Brown says that first consideration for small business owners should be getting a website, so it makes their presence felt in the online market. He said, “That’s a very rich source of information about your business, and other sources can be the entry points where people learn about you and are transferred to your website.” Social media such as Facebook, Google, Twitter etc; works as an entry point for your site and business.

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Small business houses has to work on their core area of work as it is very difficult to define there are or expertise of work like big business houses who have clear and concise definition of their business. Face book and Google works on targeted platform where small business owners can buy ads and create target audience as well as per-defined area to get most out of their advertisement spends.

This could become interesting for small business owners to spend on Social Media Outlets as the entire platform doesn’t work for everybody and one has to check and experiment what works right for them? This could be a learning experience for small business owners and it could become foundation stone to make it big on web. It is extremely important to target the right audience for small business owners as scope is very limited as far as resources are concerned for small businesses.

Social Media like Facebook is getting more small business customers nowadays because of very economical ways to connect with your customers or audience than traditional approach which is rather costly.

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How to get found on search networks? This is biggest and most challenging task for small business owners. First thing first, one should think about getting on the platform and other task follows thereafter. There are options to get found easily by means of paid search engine ads, small business can be found out easily by this way. Brown says, one should spend money as long as they get returns out of their spending on all of these platforms. “Some of our clients spend few hundred dollars and others paid $100,000, on paid search.”  Said David Brown, CEO of WEB.Com, the company which helps small business owners to succeed on social media platforms and get found.